List of rotation and accretion powered millisecond pulsars

compiled by Alessandro Patruno
last updated 24 March 2022


The pulsars are shown with their spin period in ascending order. The AMXPs are instead displayed at the end of the table.

The criteria used for sources selections are the following:

  • Spin period < 30 ms
  • Surface Magnetic Field < 1e11 G

[The source B1718-19 (spin P~1 s) is not included even if this is a Redback]

An ASCII version of the table is available upon request

Resources: ATNF pulsar catalogue
P. Freire’s globular cluster catalogue
D. Lorimer’s Catalogue
A. Patruno & A. Watts 2012 “Accreting Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars”
Public List of LAT-Detected Gamma-Ray Pulsars
M. Roberts 2012 “Surrounded by Spiders”

Source Type Notation:

MSP = millisecond pulsar 

RB = Redback

BW = Black-widow

AMXP = Accreting Millisecond X-Ray Pulsar

Empty cell = measurement not available (corresponds to Lorimer’s “*”)


P = spin period (in milliseconds); PDOT = spin period derivative; DM = dispersion measure; DIST = distance [kiloparsecs]; A1 = projected orbital semimajor axis [in light-seconds]; PB = orbital period [days]; ECC = eccentricity; MEDIAN = median companion mass (inclination = 60 deg,  neutron star mass 1.35 solar masses) in Solar mass units; TYPE = pulsar type;

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