Lecture 1: Radiative Transfer

Lecture 1 slides

Lecture notes 1

Tutorial I

Lecture 2: Blackbody and Thermal Radiation (part I)

Lecture 2 slides

Lecture notes 2

Tutorial II

Lecture 3: Blackody and Thermal Radiation (part II)

Lecture slides & notes: see the continuation on the previous lecture slides

Rosseland Mean Approximation (Radiative Diffusion Approximation)

Source function example (ALMA)

Lecture 4: Special Relativistic Effects on Radiative Processes

Please check the book of Ghisellini since I’ve taken several examples from his book (the free version can be found here; beware that there are a few typos in this free edition)

Lecture slides 4

Lecture 5: Bremsstrahlung Radiation

Lecture slides 5

Kahoot test

This is the videogame I mentioned during the class, which I wasn’t able to show over the projector:

A Slower Speed of Light

Lecture 6 & 7: Cyclotron & Synchrotron

Lecture slides 6 & 7

Lecture 8: Compton & Inverse Compton

Lecture slides 8

Exercise on Gamma-Ray Burst Spectrum (Synchrotron)

Lecture 9: Inverse Compton (part II)

Lecture slides 9

Notes on the Wien Bump in Comptonization

Lecture 10: Curvature Radiation

Lecture slides 10 (Curvature Radiation)

Kahoot 2

Lecture 11: X-Ray Binaries

Lecture slides 11

Notes on accretion

Lecture 12: Supernovae & SNR

Lecture slides 12

Notes on shocks

Lecture 13: Gamma Ray Lines via Radioactive Decay and e-/e+ Annihilation

Lecture slides 13

Notes on Gamma Ray Lines