Lecturer: Alessandro Patruno

Lecture 1: Radiative Transfer

Lecture 1 slides

Lecture notes 1

Tutorial I

Lecture 2: Thermal and Blackbody Radiation

Lecture 2 slides

Tutorial II

Lecture notes 2

Extra lecture notes: Rosseland mean opacity

Lecture 3: Relativistic Effects

NOTE: the equation for the solid angle transformation has a typo. It should be:

d\Omega = d\Omega'/\delta^2

Lecture 3 slides

Paper: On the Invisibility of Lorentz Contraction

Check out this video game from MIT!

Lecture 4: Bremsstralhung

Lecture 4 slides

Exercise: collapsing cloud

Lecture 5: Cyclotron and Synchrotron, Part I

Lecture 5 slides

Lecture 6: Cyclotron & Synchrotron, Part II

Lecture slides: see the remaining slides of the previous lecture

This is a nice video explaining Fourier Transforms (thanks Giorgos Petrogiannis)

Exercise on Synchrotron

Notes about the sinusoidal shape of the electric field of an accelerated charge in a circular motion.

Test 1. Please fill out this form and give it back to me on Monday, May 2nd. You can also send a scanned copy via email if you prefer. This test is not graded, but it is useful for you to track your progress. It gives also a good snapshot of what to expect in the written exam.

Lecture 7: Compton Scattering, Part I

Lecture 7 slides

Lecture 8: Compton Scattering, Part II

Lecture 8 slides

Notes on the Wien Bump in the saturated Compton Spectrum

Exercise on Gamma-Ray Bursts

NASA animation on thermonuclear explosions on neutron stars

Lecture 9: Curvature Radiation and Emission/Absorption Lines

Lecture 9 slides

Lecture 10: Accretion and X-Ray Binaries (Part I)

Lecture 10 slides (some of the slides are taken from the excellent lecture of Julien Malzac made in 2015).

Notes on Accretion and Viscosity

Lecture 11: X-Ray Binaries (Part II) + Supernovae (Part I)

Lecture 11 slides on X-Ray Binaries (Part II)

Lecture 11 slides on Supernovae (Part I)

Lecture 12: Supernovae (Part II), Radioactive Decay and Gamma-Ray Lines

Lecture 12 slides on Supernovae (Part II)

Lecture 12 slides on Radioactive Decay and Gamma-Ray Lines

Notes on shocks

Notes on Radioactive Decay and Aluminium-26 gamma-ray line

Lecture 13: Electron-Positron Annihilation and the 511 keV Emission Line

Lecture 13 slides

Lecture 14: Summary and Kahoot!

Lecture 14 summary tables: these tables are useful to summarize some of the many concepts we have seen during this course. These tables summarize just some of the topics we discussed, and should not be considered complete or cover all topics discussed. I made them for you to make it easier to organize some of the material discussed.

Kahoot! Quiz (try it until June 27, 9:00 AM)

The Kahoot! quiz is important because some questions were asked in the previous year’s exam. If you need clarifications on certain answers, please do not hesitate to contact me either in person or via email.

I think you can retake the quiz as many times as you like.