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The Human Computer: Katherine Johnson’s Story

The story of the African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson is one of a kind that must be told. She was born in the United States in 1918, a time marked by racial segregation and inequality. An exceptional mathematician, graduating from college… Continue Reading →

Astronomy with Social Impact: Discover the Solar System

A few months ago I decided to begin a new adventure together with some friends that share with me the belief that knowledge is humanity’s most important resource. We created a small publishing start-up, called Quaternion, whose mission is to… Continue Reading →

Life on Venus: Media Hype or Serious Possibility?

On September 14, 2020, a new paper appeared in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature Astronomy. The paper has had quite a big media coverage because the topic is among the most interesting we can think of: the presence of life… Continue Reading →

The New Solar System

This blog has been silent for a long time due to personal reasons and in the meanwhile many things have changed. I am in the process of updating the website and writing about my new affiliation and my new research… Continue Reading →

Press Release: The Habitable Zone around Pulsars

A press release on our paper just published on Astronomy & Astrophysics on the pulsar habitable zone:!/index/_detail/gli/habitable-pulsar-planets-theoretically-possible/  

Press Release: Black Hole Pretenders May Be Superfast-Spinning Pulsars

Press release on the Scientific American about our recent paper (led by Slavko Bogdaonov from Columbia University) on a transitional millisecond pulsar who behaves as a black hole impostor.

The Pulsar Habitable Zone

This is a nice video published on John Michael Godier’s youtube channel, which talks also about our recent paper on the pulsar habitable zone and pulsar planets. Enjoy!

Fermi Paradox and Superintelligence 2: The Small Colonies Hypothesis

Let’s resume our discussion on the implications of the Fermi paradox on superintelligence. As I said in my previous article, any civilization that masters space travel and achieves the possibility of building megastructures, must have developed superintelligence as a prerequisite…. Continue Reading →

Fermi Paradox and Super-intelligence

The Fermi paradox is the known contradiction between the lack of observational evidence for advanced alien civilizations and the estimates of the number of such civilizations in the Universe. The latest results of the Kepler space observatory suggest that about… Continue Reading →

The Habitable Zone Around Neutron Stars

In the past 20 years, there has been an explosion of discoveries in the field of exoplanets, i.e. planets located outside our solar system. Today we know more than 3,600 exoplanets around 2,700 different stars and the number grows day… Continue Reading →

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