A few months ago I decided to begin a new adventure together with some friends that share with me the belief that knowledge is humanity’s most important resource. We created a small publishing start-up, called Quaternion, whose mission is to “increase the global scientific literacy as a means to support and promote education among the underprivileged”. Making knowledge accessible to a broader audience has always been a priority of mine and now we want to go a step further with the target of having a social impact. We have decided to dedicate part of the revenue to fund projects that promote diversity and inclusion in the STEM field. Our goal is ambitious and we have just begun our journey but we believe in the cause and we are sure that many out there will share our cause. We have begun three projects, which I will present on this blog (together with updates) on a regular basis. We are happy to receive your suggestions and to have you on board if you also believe in what we are doing.

The first project is a new book on the wonders of our solar system and peculiar exoplanets. Discover the Solar System combines a description of every object of our solar system (planets, moons, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, etc.) along with the most breathtaking images collected by all space missions that have flown until today. We have also included an appendix on the most Earth-like exoplanets discovered so far along with some new illustrations created with rendering techniques.

Update: see our new book on Katherine Johnson.