The 10th edition of the conference “The Physics of Neutron Stars” will be held this summer (July 28 – August 1) in St. Petersburg, Russia.  St. Petersburg is a beautiful city with a great history and is home to the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute which is hosting the conference. Unfortunately, the political tension between Russia and USA/UE that escalated after the recent revolts in Ukraine has compromised the participation of some scientists at this event. The organizers have nonetheless made an excellent job in preparing a very exciting program

This year I’ve been invited to talk about Observations of accretion powered X-ray pulsarsI have attended the 2011 edition and my talk can be watched here in three parts: part1 – part2 – part3.

This year I plan to provide a nearly realtime update (on the new Astrosplash Facebook page) about the most exciting news that will be presented in St. Petersburg.  A summary of the conference will be posted here as well.